Our projects

Education for Maasai children from poor families

Many Maasai children in Tanzania do not get the opportunity to go to school. Despite the fact that education has become more popular in the Maasai communities, most families do not have the means to send their children to school. The Nanginyi Foundation currently takes care of the school fees of 7 children: Nanginyi, Lepapayai, Mayon, Nemeyei, Janeth, Seema and Sinyati.                                   



Employment opportunities for Maasai women

 Maasai women depend on their husbands when it comes to money for food, clothes and other materials. We are trying to give these women an opportunity to generate their own income so they do not only depend on their husbands anymore.



Support of poor Maasai families in the provision of their basic needs

Many Maasai families can occasionaly use some support in the provision of their basic needs. The families do not always have enough food to survive, while they need a lot of energy for the physical work they do daily. The Nanginyi Foundation helps the families in the region who need it the most. 


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                                                                                                        Local Nursery School


During spring 2018 we started with a new project: a local nursery school in the boma of our local coordinator. We selected 16 children from the neighbourhood between the age of 4 and 6 (8 boys and 8 girls) who will be educated in the boma. 


The children

The Nanginyi Foundation currently makes sure that seven children can go to school. Click on their pictures for more information about them! 








Where does the Nanginyi Foundation work?

tanzania mto wa mbu africa

Tanzania is a country in East-Africa with more than 53 million inhabitants, of whom more than 600.000 belong to the Maasai tribe. The Nanginyi Foundation works together with Maasai families who live in the areas next to Lake Manyara (Baraka and Losirwa). For more information about the Maasai click on this link: the Maasai

Co-operation with the local Maasai families

In collaboration with our local coordinator we select the children and families that can participate in our projects. He knows exactly which families do not have the means to feed their families every day and send their children to school. The families can always go to him with their questions and he often visits them to see how they are doing. When the board is visiting in Tanzania, they  will visit the children and their families and meetings will be organised so the families can talk about how they are doing and ask questions. We believe it is important that the parents stay involved with the projects. For example, they carry the responsibility for the school uniforms, shoes, school supplies and bicycles. We do this to make sure that the supplies will only be used for school-related activities so they can be used for as long as possible.

Next to this, the Maasai women make traditional jewelry that we buy from them and sell in the Netherlands. The entire proceeds will be used to fund our projects. This way, we help the women generate extra income by buying their jewelry and we can earn some extra money for the projects from which their families will profit.