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Local Nursery School

We can finally share the news: the Nanginyi Foundation is going to establish a local nursery school! In the past few weeks our local coordinator Mathayo selected nine girls and nine boys between the age of 4 and 6 in the surrounding Maasai boma's. Soon they will start coming to the boma of our local coordinator 5 days a week, to follow education. In this way we would like to introduce education to the local community and show them that education is also important for girls. The children will be taught in different subjects and sport and creativity are part of the curriculum too. In the morning they will be provided with a breakfast (tea with sugar and milk and bread or porridge) and there will be fruits during the day.

We hope to start as soon as possible, but we still need some materials, like tables for the children to work on, notebooks, school supplies and school bags. Would you like to help us so our children can start their new adventure? Go to our webshop where you can contribute to the local nursery school.

We hope to share some pictures of our children working and studying together soon!

Our Children

The Nanginyi Foundation is working hard to send these 7 children to school. Do you want to help and give these (and more) children a brighter future?  Make a donation, buy something in our webshop or take a look at how can you help? for more information!








Click on the pictures of the children to learn more about them!