Name: Nanginyi Olekosiando

Father: Olekosiando

Mother: Namnyak

Lives together with: her father, mother, brother Mathayo en his family, and brother Tkakui. Her older sisters are all married and live with their in-laws. The family of Lepapayai lives in the same boma as Nanginyi.

Date of birth: 05-02-2010

Class: middle class

Nanginyi introduces herself in Maa, the Maasai language


Nanginyi is 7 years old and lives with her family in a boma (a Maasai village) in Baraka, Tanzania. She is the youngest child of her mother and helps her every day with chores such as washing clothes, cooking, fetching water, and looking for firewood. She also takes care of the smaller children in the boma. Nanginyi is a cheerful girl who likes to play with other children and loves to sing. Every Sunday she goes to church with her mother and the other women and children who live nearby. She particularly loves the singing. Nanginyi is a smart girl and she is currently enjoying all the new things she is learning at school! On the 8th of May she started with special private tuition and since the 3rd of July she is enrolled in the Middle Class of the nursery at Sasa School. Before Nanginyi got the chance to go to school, she had never been outside of the Maasai community and she could only speak Maa (the Maasai language). So it has been a big change for her to go to school! She is very happy and grateful that she has been given the chance to to go school!


Nanginyi with her father (left) and mother (right)


Nanginyi with Yahana