Name: Nemeyei Shakwai

Father: Shakwai

Mother: Sakai

Lives together with: her father, mother, sister Namuyak and the family of her father.

Date of birth: 25-10-2013

Class: starts school in Januari 2018



We are very proud to announce that the 4 year old Nemeyei will start her school carreer at Sasa School in January 2018. Nemeyei is the daughter of Sakai and Shakwai and lives with her parents, her sister Namuyak, her grandmother and other family members in a boma near the church. Her mother Sakai is very proud that Nemeyei will start school soon and Nemeyei is also very excited! Luckily she knows Nanginyi and Lepapayai already and lives on their way to school, so from January onwards they can go to school together.