Name: Seema Ndiakara


Mother: Ngalay

Lives together withSeema lives with her grandfather and grandmother and their family during the week. In the weekend she goes to the boma of her father, mother, brother Kipalel and little sister. Other family of her father also lives with them in this boma.

Date of birth: 25-04-2012

Class: Baby class



Seema Ndiakara

Three days after Seema became a big sister for the second time, she went to school for the first time in her life. When we told Seema over the weekend that she could go to school in the coming week she was smiling from ear to ear. She wanted everybody to know she was going to school! When the day finally came to go to Sasa School, Seema was a bit nervous. By now,  she has been spending a few weeks in baby class and enjoys her days in school. When she comes home she is still singing school songs! You can hear Seema returning home from far away, because she has a contagious laugh, just like her mother.