Stichting Nanginyi


Name: Sinyati John

Father: John

Mother: Nahumu

Lives together with: her father, mother, sister Sarah, little sister Paulina and the other wife of her father with her daughters Ndile, Motialo and Teresia. 

Date of birth: 07-04-2012

Class: baby class

Sinyati John

Sinyati started in baby class at Sasa School in 2018. Sinyati’s father only has daughters and he is very happy that Sinyati is getting the opportunity to go to school. Her father works as a night guard in Mto Wa Mbu to earn money for his family. Sinyati is a cheerful girl that loves to play with other children. She is having a great time at school and is best friends with Seema. Every day they walk together to school with the other children from our education project.

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