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Nanginyi Nursey School


The aim of Nanginyi Nursery School

We believe that education is the way to a better future for the children of Baraka Village. To highlight the important of education we started Nanginyi Nursery School. We selected boys AND girls, to show the importance of education for all children, also girls. In the months after the start we already noticed a change in the community. Many parents came to ask us if their children could go to Nanginyi Nursery School. Even fathers who never believed in the importnce of education for their daughter, changed their opinion after seeing how our children develop in school. We hope we can give many children the opportunity to study at Nanginyi Nursery School in the future, to lay the foundation for a better future. Our aim is to hightlight the importance of education and to encourage parents to send their children to (any) school.

The start

In 2018 we started with our own nursery school, named Nanginyi Nursery School, next to the boma of coordinator Mathayo. We hired a young Maasai woman, Jamila, who loved to teach our children. The first plan was to teach our children in the open air. To store the furniture of the school we built a storage. We bought a blackboard, schoolbenches and cups for breakfast. Soon we realised it was difficult to teach the children outside, due to clouds of dust, so we moved the class to the right part of the storage. During the first months our students really enjoyed their lessons in the new building, but we witnesed several problems. The classroom was small and the floor was still dusty. There was no space for a desk and chair for our teacher and there was no space to play inside if it was raining. All children shared just 2 tables and if they wanted to take a nap they had to do that while sitting and putting their heads on the tables. So all together it was no ideal situation!

A new classroom

During autum 2018 we decided to renovate our school. Thanks to several donations we could make this happen! We broke down the walls in the storage and made a concrete floor so we could use the whole building as a classroom. Unfortunately the renovations also brought a compulsory holiday for our children, who were not so happy with that. After 1 day they came to the boma to ask when their school would start again! It was a big job to finish on time, but we made it and we are extremely happy with the results! Extra tables, a desk and chair for the teacher, a coat rack for the schoolbags and space to play inside or take a nap. Our children are super excited about their new classroom, just like us!

Kitchen, storage and toilets

Only a classroom was not enough of course. Where would we store our things? Where would we prepare the breakfast and where could the children pee? When we started renovating the classroom, we also build 2 toilets and a building that functions as a kitchen and storage. In our kitchen we store sugar, maize, soap, a gas cylinder and many other materials. In the meantime we hired Miima. The mother of Mayon (one of our students at Sasa School) prepares breakfast every morning, keeps the kitchen and all our materials clean and prepares fruit in the afternoon.


Our nursery students

A school without students is no school! This is why we would like to introduce you to the students of Nanginyi Nursery School! 9 boys and 9 girls from Baraka Village have classes 5 days a week with teacher Jamila. They start the day at 8:00 in the morning and return home at 14:00. Aunti Miima, who got this name from the children, prepares breakfast that is served at 9:30 and the fruits, served at 12:45. On Wednesdays and Fridays we have sports day with sports, games, but also music, dance and creativity. For the smallest children there is time to take a nap between 12:00 and 12:30, something that is very common in Tanzanian nursery schools. Below you can find the pictures of our students. If you put the cursor on the picture you can see the name that belongs to the child. We also added a picture of teacher Jamila and Auntie Miima.


Lazaro Kalanga




Lazaro Taiko














Madam Jamila

Auntie Miima

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