Stichting Nanginyi


Name: Mayon Endata

Father: Endata

Mother: Kijaalo

Lives together with: his father, mother, sister Nemburis, brother Tobiko and the family of his father.

Date of birth: 22-12-2012

Class: Baby class


Mayon got severe burns on his body and face in 2016. He is currently undergoing treatment for his injuries at the Plaster House. He started school in January, but after a month he had to go back to the Plaster House for further treatment.



Mayon got severe burns on his body after an accident more than a year ago, when his Maasai cloth caught fire while he was sitting next to a smoldering fire in his family’s hut. Not long before this happened, hyenas had eaten all the cattle that Mayon’s family possessed. Because of this, Mayon’s father had to take out a loan to be able to bring Mayon to the hospital. The family is still paying off this loan. The Nanginyi Foundation quickly decided to help Mayon’s family with food packages. Not long after this, we came into contact with the Plaster House, an American project in Arusha that helps children who need surgery. At the end of September (2017) a team of surgeons will come to Arusha and they will see if they can help Mayon. He is currently staying in the Plaster House where he will stay to recover together with other children who need help. After Mayon is done with his rehabilitation he will start at Sasa School!


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