Stichting Nanginyi


Name: Janeth Ndaskoy (Einoti)

Father: Ndaskoy

Mother: Mameso

Lives together with: Mother and little sister Esupat (3). They are renting a room in a house where multiple families live. They live very close to Sasa School.

Date of birth: 06-12-2011

Class: Grade 1

Janeth Ndaskoy

Janeth has multiple names, just like most other Maasai. She is known as Janeth at school, but her Maasai name is Einoti. Janeth lives together with her mother and little sister Esupat. Janeth started in the beginning of 2017 at Sasa School and since 2018 she is one of the children in our education project. Mameso, the mother of Janeth, left her husband to make sure her children could go to school and could get a better future. Mameso’s marriage was arranged by her parents and she had to marry an older man who already had multiple wives. Now, Mameso rents a small room in Kigongoni, not far from Sasa School. She lives there with her two daughters. Because of her small pay check, Mameso was not able to keep up with Janeth’s tuition payments. Janeth is a classmate of Nanginyi and the girls became good friends quickly. To help Mameso realizing her dream of her daughters having a good education, we decided to help and include Janeth in our education project. Janeth is a smart girl and is doing very well in school, she finished nursery class with straight A’s!

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